Accounting and Bookkeeping

EBSI accounting and bookkeeping in Richmond, VA

  • Many business owners and their staff have more important things to do than keeping the company books.  If this describes you, turn to EBSI.  We take care of your books for you, so you can focus on running your business and generating profits!  

  • EBSI analyzes transactions in your financial statements and business reports following accounting principles and standards, as well as the specific requirements of your company. 

  • Our accounting and bookkeeping services in Richmond, VA, allow us to analyze and interpret data to evaluate and report your financial condition and performance, allowing you to make informed business decisions.  Each month, we:
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Generate income statements
    • Generate a balance sheet 
    • Clean-up your general ledger

  • These tasks form the solid foundation of your accounting process.  You can customize the services you receive by adding payroll or other services that fit your needs.   

Transaction Processing

EBSI accounting and bookkeeping services in Richmond VA - transaction processing

  • EBSI's innovative system for processing transactions provides consistent and reliable data at your fingertips in almost real time.

  • No more waiting for days or weeks to be sure of your financial status and available funds.  To initiate our system, we:
    • Provide the necessary equipment
    • Write policies and procedures
    • Teach usage and best practices to your staff
    • Support you with as little or as much of the data processing as you require

  • Our process improvements have saved our clients not just hours, but often days and sometimes whole weeks of time per month previously spent recording and reconciling transactions. 

  • How many times have you found yourself doing things the same way you always have, just because?  Our experience and willingness to embrace technological advancements can greatly benefit your productivity by allowing you to allocate your time and human resources to what you do best, meeting the needs of your customers, instead of getting bogged down in paperwork.

Tax Planning and Preparation

EBSI accounting and bookkeeping services in Richmond - tax support

  • We have a teaching philosophy in all we do.  We explain your current tax situation and then show you how making small changes can result in big tax savings for your company.   We consider it our job to ensure you know what we know about taxes.  That way, you understand the reasoning behind our recommendations which allows you to make future business decisions with confidence. 

  • EBSI helps you manage your overall tax picture and minimize your tax liability. This keeps more of your company's money where it should be…in your company.  

  • Tax planning is a year-round process with EBSI; which reduces the stress of unpleasant surprises at filing time. We help with:
    •  Partnerships and corporate taxes
    •  Individual taxes 
    •  Gift and estate taxes
    •  Out-of-state returns
    •  Estate and succession planning


QuickBooks Set Up and Support

EBSI accounting and bookkeeping services in Richmond - Quickbooks accounting software, Quickbook Pro

  • QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most robust financial tracking systems available.  This, coupled with its strong reputation for reliability and available system support, make it an excellent choice for most businesses. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out of the box ready to do all you may need it to do.

  • This is where EBSI makes a difference. We make the QuickBooks system work for your unique business needs and ensure you can generate the specific information and reports you need to make sound business decisions.

  • EBSI's President Earl Kelly is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and provides support for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online applications. EBSI will: 
    • Install and set up your QuickBooks software
    • Program your individualized chart of accounts
    • Design custom reports to give you the information you want and need

Computer and IT Services

EBSI accounting and book keeping in Richmond - computer support

  • In addition to accounting software support, EBSI helps you select, maintain, and troubleshoot your computers and peripheral devices. We answer questions or resolve problems in person, via telephone, or remotely.

  • We recommend changes in or updates to hardware, programming, documentation, and training to address system deficiencies and user needs. Additionally, we develop or assist in maintaining the necessary technical documentation and operating procedures your company needs.

  • We provide:
    • Computer, Internet and network setup 
    • Software installation
    • Anti-virus and security system design
    • Hardware system tune ups to keep older computers running smoothly
    • Cloud migration and support
    • Internet security assessments and protection services

Business Consulting

EBSI accounting and bookkeeping services in Richmond, VA - business consulting, business planning

  • Although finances should be the foundation on which major decisions are made, running a successful company is about more than accounting and bookkeeping services. EBSI also helps you focus on the big picture, by offering specialized support in: 
    • Strategic and business planning
    • Documentation development for standard operating procedures, employee handbooks, workflow and organizational charts, equipment manuals, job descriptions, and task checklists
    • Marketing support in areas such as advertising, public relations, direct mail campaigns, event and seminar planning, speech and  technical writing services
    • Internet marketing services, including website design, Search Engine Optimization, email outreach, and social media development
    • Recruitment and screening of candidates for positions within your company


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