Clients Appreciate Econtrol Business Systems in Richmond

Partnership With Your Company

  “EBSI’s staff are the best non-equity business partners a company can have. Their business model is based on trust and excellent service. Every company needs this level of support from its accountants.” John Jakob, Owner, Sears Hometown Store  

Not Just "How" but "Why"

 "EBSI provides a great price for great service. They have helped me become faster and better at all my financial processes and they take the time to explain why...not just how things are done." David King,  David P. King Fundraising Counsel, LLC  

Innovative Ideas

"Earl Kelly and his staff at Econtrol Business Systems in Richmond are continually looking for new ideas and ways to help me work smarter and become more successful. Earl is patient and has taught me so much I didn't know about QuickBooks." - Kimberly Jennings – Owner, Deanie's Heavenly Gardens


Life Changing

 “I asked Earl to help me set up QuickBooks back in 2009 when I realized I needed help keeping track of my spending. Since then, Earl has been nothing short of life-changing for my household and my business. He has taught me not just what I was supposed to be doing, but why. I now have organized data at my fingertips and with a few mouse clicks, I can tell you exactly what I have earned and where almost every penny that has passed through my hands has gone.

Earl taught me not only how to get the most out of QuickBooks, but also the basics of running my business, developing and living within a budget, and keeping appropriate records. When it comes to financial matters, Earl has always said, ‘Knowledge is power,’ and today I don’t have to hold my breath and hope my income covers my expenses. I truly manage my finances, and it’s a great feeling. I couldn’t have done it without the endless patience, gentle guidance, and always sound advice of Earl Kelly." – Debbie Kendall - Owner, Kendall Editorial

Savings Outweigh Cost of Service

"Econtrol Business Systems, Inc. has greatly increased my company's productivity.  Not only have they taken day-to-day tasks off my plate with document scanning, but their system improvements using QuickBooks have given me back four or five days a month typically spent gathering and compiling financial information." – Jimmy Hall - Manager, J and J Body Shop

More Than A Bookkeeper

When I first met Earl from EBSI, I could see he was different from most accountants I had worked with.  I felt instantly comfortable with him.  He was down-to-earth, and it felt like I was talking to a friend. He quickly became my most trusted business advisor and seven years later, he is still the one I consult before making almost all my major business decisions.  He helped me identify where I was making money and where I wasn’t.  He also helped me cut cost and make the necessary changes that allowed my printing company to thrive.”  - Danny Redford – Owner, Battlefield Press

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