About The Staff of EBSI in Richmond

Earl Kelly - President

Earl Kelly is the consummate teacher and leader, both with his clients and the staff of EBSI.  Genuine caring and passion for growth are part of his personal mission, and it shows in the high-quality work and dedication he and EBSI provide for its customers. 

Earl founded Econtrol in 2007 after spending five years in banking and seventeen years in the accounting, finance, and IT industries. He has over twenty-five years experience helping companies, in a variety of business environments, reach their highest level of success.  His focus is to ensure EBSI in Richmond fulfills its mission of delivering value in a cost-effective manner.      

Earl has been a ProAdvisor for QuickBooks since the accounting software came on the market twenty-five years ago.  He knows how to take full advantage of the ways technology can enhance the productivity of your staff and an even deeper understanding of how to make QuickBooks accounting software work at its highest capacity.

Cindi Foote - Manager

Cindi Foote's energy and focus make her a trusted, behind the scenes, team member with everyone she works with. 

Her “can-do” attitude and consistent fulfillment of promises ensure our clients’ needs are met within the time frame we promise. 

Cindi is the manager in charge of ensuring EBSI fulfills its day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping and transaction processing commitments to our clients.  

Prior to joining EBSI, Cindi spent twenty-four years providing accounting expertise and small business administration skills to the real estate and mortgage industries, in addition to a variety of other small businesses.  Her experience walking in our clients' shoes benefits EBSI's customers as she applies her deep knowledge and unique perspective in meaningful ways that help them become more organized and efficient.   


EBSI hires experienced staff and immerses them in our culture that focuses on exceptional client service.  We provide action behind our promises as we tackle both large and small tasks. 

We provide corporate level knowledge in a wide variety of critical areas that greatly affect our clients' success.  Our clients look to us for assistance with accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks,  IT, and tax issues, in addition to a variety of specialized areas related to running a small business.  We provide support in areas such as marketing, payroll, and employee benefits.